Monday, March 26, 2007

Austin, Texas

A weekend in Austin, Texas, is unlike any other weekend spent anywhere in the state.
It's a free world--even with the Illuminati's owl high atop the downtown skyline watching over all.

We hit the Austin triumvirate: Book People, Waterloo and Whole Foods. That gets everyone stocked with interesting books (sure you could order them on Amazon for half the price, but if it wasn't for places like Book People, you might never even know a certain book), any/all varieties of music (this is the only place I've ever found Acid Mothers Temple tour CDs for sale--these are typically only available at AMT live shows) and well fed (although this Whole Foods is very claustrophobic--don't go into the parking garage--it offers the same high-quality grub).

Stocked up with goods, we head back to the Austin Motel (the place to stay in Austin) for some swimming and playing around the pool. The water, despite the outside temperatures, feels like someone has been melting 100-lb. blocks of ice in it. Jump in for a minute, shiver, get out and immediately feel warm and cozy. Do this a couple of times and get sleepy/goofy from the rum consumed. Fall asleep while reading Les Claypool's "South of the Pumphouse." Don't finish the book then (I eventually do...and I'm still not sure what reading the book did for me) but do get about an hour's worth of cloud-filtered sun.

One great things about The variety of food available here--and at this quality level--is unheard of elsewhere in the state.

Oh, and don't forget your Leslie "Queen of Austin" magnets!

I'll be back to Austin two more times in the next month...and I'll enjoy each and every moment.


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