Friday, June 15, 2007

A Sonic Adventure

Craving ice creamish desserts, we headed to the local Sonic drive-in restaurant tonight.

"One large root beer float and a large banana cream pie shake."

Treats arrive and one sip into the shake I get a coconut chunk. Ok, so they made a coconut cream pie shake instead. Press the red button, report the error and wait for my banana cream pie shake.

Fast forward a few minutes:
"Sorry about the mistake, here's your shake."

Two sips in...coconut again, no banana pieces. My girlfriend takes a sip to verify the taste. I report the second error and politely ask for a refund rather than another attempted shake. FYI, I *despise* coconut.

Rather than sending a worker out with my refund, they send out the shake maker--a 6'5" tall bald-headed black man, brow wrinkled and angry. As soon as he leaves the building he screams back to his co-workers, "I already made it twice!" His stride is not unlike a ready-to-attack gorilla.

He picks up the shake, "so you don't want this shake?"

"No," I say, "it's still a coconut cream pie shake."

"I made this shake myself, it's not a coconut shake," he reports angrily, looming over my opened car window.

"I tasted it, too, it's a coconut shake," my girlfriend adds.

"So what do you want us to do?"

"Just give me a refund," I say, although I want to throw the shake at his head and yell, "Don't act like that's the first time you've had white cream on your face." I refrain.

More time passes and I finally get my refund...and the money-carrying worker says that the shake maker probably just used the same equipment when he made the second shake, so it tasted like coconut.

Drive to Braum's and get a Health-bar Mix.

Thrilling, eh?

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